Do I have to have a Certification in order to be a Successful Wedding Planner?

The short answer is – NO.

Long answer is that a certification is usually the final step in an educational component.  Education, in whatever form, is always good!  You can never learn too much because this field is always changing and innovating.

With that being said, certification courses can be expensive and new planners sometimes feel that it is necessary for them to have a certificate to show their clients that they have completed a course.  In my over 15 years of being a wedding planner, I have NEVER been asked if I am certified or what my education background was.  Never.

I am not telling you that you shouldn’t go through a certification course.  If you feel that it is a good fit for you and you will learn a lot – then do it.  There are several options open to you for both event planning AND wedding planning.  Do your research and make sure that the cost and the time it takes you to complete it are going to be worth it to you.  Before you make the decision, ask yourself these questions:

1.  Do you feel as if it is the best use of your money right at this moment?

2.  Would it be more beneficial to put this money toward marketing your business?

3.  Do you have the money to complete the course?

4.  Are there any other courses, books, workshops, or internships you could benefit from for less money?

The key to this question is LEARNING, not the certification.  Make sure you read everything you can, jump onto forums and learn from other planners (Event Planners Forum on Facebook run by expert planner, Simone Benson, is one of the best), talk to other vendors and get out and learn!

While having a certificate shows that you have taken a course; I think most clients will want to know your qualifications and your experience more.  Remember to soak up everything like a sponge.  Every successful planner will tell you that they are constantly learning, and don’t expect to every stop!

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