Do You Lead by Example?

The other day I was working in my office and I could hear my kids playing out in foyer (which is actually breaking rule #5 of “Mom’s Office Rules” which are posted right outside my door – but oh well.)

I heard my 11 year old daughter tell her sister that she wanted to be either a teacher, a singer or a wedding planner like Mommy. But she was concerned that being a Wedding Planner was too much work so she just might be a teacher.

Now, I know that being a teacher is a hard job. Julia, being 11, doesn’t know all the work that goes into teaching a class of kids day in and day out. However, I was caught by what she said. She often goes with me to set up for weddings, she sees my on the phone with clients and vendors all day long and she knows that I spend a lot of my time on the computer designing events, writing books and getting ready for the day ahead. I appreciate the fact that she recognizes my hard work, but it moved me to ask why she thought being a wedding planner was so hard.

She replied without hesitation, “because you always say to be the best at what you do, and I know you are the best. That takes a lot of work.”

THAT’S my girl!!

It is very easy for us to forget that we are being watched in everything we do. Of course this applies with children but do you realize that your work ethic is seen by your employees, your family, your clients and ANYONE who works or comes in contact with you? It has become the status-quo in our society to teach to the lowest denominator.  Whatever happened to striving for excellence?

I used to tell people when explaining highly technical things to consider me, “the lowest rung.”  What I meant by that was, I might need more explanation to actually understand it.  Now I realize how detrimental I was being to myself!  When I learn things, and I am constantly learning, I am looking for something that will challenge me.  Something to stimulate a part of my brain that is not as strong as the others.  THIS is what we should all strive for.

When working with your company, show them to always reach for the stars.  DREAM BIG!

When working with your clients, do the same.  Too often our clients are bogged down by budgets, family issues or just pure chaos.  It is our job to bring them back to what is important.  You do that by living it and living it passionately.

While I would be honored to have my daughter follow in my footsteps, I think she has a completely different path laid out for her.  Am I proud that she and her siblings know to always go for the best that they can do and to work hard while doing it?  Well, yeah.  Her Dad and I work daily to show them that they are loved and can be anything they want to be.  So with that being said,

“You are very loved, and you can do or be ANYTHING you want to be!”

Now go out there and change the world!

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