Do you schedule your success?

As a busy mom of 9, pregnant with number 10, a business owner, author, speaker and coach; I have lets say challenges when it comes to finding time to get things done.

“How do you do it?” is the question I am most often asked. I usually respond with one of 2 phrases:
“I have an incredible husband,” or “You’d be surprised at what you can get done when you have to.”

Both are correct – I do have a FABULOUS husband, and I work very well under pressure. But neither really get to the core of how I actually live my life so I can do everything from change diapers, snuggle and kiss boo-boos to writing a book, coaching a wedding planner or run my business. There are two words that keep my life running smoothly and less-chaotically. They are very simple but oh so important. Here they are:

Schedule & Self-discipline

Told ya – pretty simple. But let me explain how crucial they are to my life and family.

I work from home. Most wedding planners do. Sure we go out for client & on-site meetings, but most of my writing and research as well as correspondence is done at home. During the summer I have 9 children at home. During the school year I still have 2-3. So I HAVE to schedule my days. A lot of my fellow business friends actually time block. This is where you sit down and schedule jobs to be done in blocks of time. You always have a deadline and you have to stick to it. That’s where the self-discipline comes in.

I have a friend who actually schedules his YEAR in advance. This is no joke. He has Client coaching days where he is meeting or on the phone with his clients from 7 am to 7 pm. The next day is one of his chapter meeting. The next day is slated for his private clients. He has travel days built in as well. That is self-discipline if I ever saw it!

I actually had to create “Mom’s Office Rules” and I framed them and hung them right outside my office door. If I don’t take my time seriously, no one else will and that includes my family.

I want to challenge you today to sit down and time block the next few days. Create 1-2 specific days to following up with current clients. Take another day to spend strictly on marketing. Get rid of those meetings that suck up your time and don’t make money. This is about you, your success and the vision you have for your life.

Do not EVER leave your success to chance. As President George Bush once said, “If I don’t follow my own agenda, someone else will try to have me follow theirs.” Words to live by in my opinion.

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