The Blissfully Simple™ Story


Blissfully Simple™ is a consistent, reliable and efficient brand and philosophy of wedding planning. It is the creation of award-winning event planner, entrepreneur, author, speaker and mother of 10, Crista Tharp.

After having her fourth child; Crista decided to start her own event planning business, Blissfully Simple™ Events. Outdated timelines and lack of fresh planning material led her to create a ground-breaking new way to plan weddings called, “The Bliss Method™;” a four-phased system that guides a Bride or a Planner through the planning, coordination, delegation and execution of a picture perfect wedding. Using the Bliss Method™ made the entire planning process Blissfully Simple™ and VIOLA! The Blissfully Simple™ brand was born.

But she didn’t stop there…

Crista knew there was huge market for women who wanted to be wedding planners that didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars or waste time by taking tedious exams and online courses. What these women really needed was a product that did all the hard work for them, allowing them to jump right in and start making money. So, Crista replicated all of the fool-proof systems and client-building strategies she created for her own successful business, licensed the material and now offers it to others for a one-time, low price.

The Blissfully Simple™ Wedding Planning Business System is revolutionizing the wedding industry by offering a simple to implement, all-inclusive, and affordable turn-key wedding planning business opportunity to anyone with any experience level and with no long-term financial commitment. Become a Blissfully Simple™ Planner Now!