What IS a Wedding Planner?

We are called many things: a Wedding Planner, Bridal Consultant, Wedding Coordinator, Event Planner, and so on.  Each of us choose to call ourselves whatever we feel comfortable with, (some of us are self-taught, others have gone through a certification process, and there are others… well, we aren’t so sure WHAT they’ve done),  but that doesn’t really help our clients does it?  Brides don’t particularly care what we call ourselves, they just want to know that we are going to help them through this experience to the best of our ability so they survive it and ultimately, walk down that aisle and say, “I Do.”  Right?

So, what IS a Wedding Planner?

Often, we get bogged down in the services we provide; this is what a “Day Of” coordinator does, this is what a “Full Service” coordinator offers, yes we can address your invitations, no I don’t return your tuxes.  This stuff is important but is secondary to the actual job description of a planner, coordinator, consultant or whatever you are choosing to call yourself.

I learned the REAL description of a wedding planner when I spoke to one of my, guess what…BRIDES!

She shared with me that she had been a doula for many years.  A doula is basically a labor coach for pregnant women.  Having had 10 babies, I knew what a doula was and how critical they were to a mother during her pregnancy and birth.  She went on to say that she is a firm believer in getting help when you need it and she REALLY needed a wedding doula – A WEDDING PLANNER!

I was struck by how perfect that example was.  “The overall goal of a doula is for the mother to feel safe and comfortable, enhancing the goal of doctors and nurses which is to ensure a safe delivery for mother and child.”  (From Wikipedia).

That is truly the goal of a Wedding Planner: for the Bride & Groom to feel secure in the decisions they have made, enhancing the goal of all other wedding professionals to ensure a seamless, stress-free and blissful experience for the couple and their guests.

Zsarenet and I - one of my beautiful past Brides and the very first Blissfully Simple Planner!

Zsarenet and I – one of my beautiful past Brides and the very first Blissfully Simple Planner.



Yes, we do actual things like set up, pin on, clean up and keep on track just like the doula holds the hand, talks softly, encourages and supports.  But as a planner, we need to make sure we do not focus on those specific duties.  We are there to create an experience like non-other.  Focus on the EXPERIENCE, not the work.

That is my mission with Blissfully Simple ™ Wedding Planning.  To focus 100% on the experience.  If you are currently a Blissfully Simple ™ Planner, you already know this and hopefully this reinforces the idea.  If you are not, I welcome you to adopt it as part of your philosophy.  Wedding planning may not end in the birth of a child, but it certainly gives birth to a brand new marriage and that’s something incredible.

Wedding doula – I could get used to that! :0)



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