Why Now is the Best Time to Become a Wedding Planner

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the event/wedding industry will grow 33% from 2012 to 2022. This is 3 times the average growth! So why the massive increase?

There are several factors to be considered:

The Economy. Yes, we are starting to rebound, which is wonderful. But since 2008 so many people have been downsized, lost jobs due to closings, and some still struggle to survive. This has forced people to look at their passions and hobbies to see if they can make any money from them. This is particularly the case with photographers, videographers and event/wedding planners. This leads to the next factor…

There are very little requirements to get started. Of course, if you are a limo driver you need to know how to drive; a caterer how to cook and so on. But I am referring to regulations, education and certification. Wedding planners, for instance, do not need to have any formal education to start a business and excel. Many current planners are self-taught, just like I was, and now I run a thriving event company, have written 11 books and teach planners around the world. I did that and you can do it too.

It is a highly creative industry. Experts in this field consider themselves artists who do everything they can to perfect their craft. When you host an event, do you want pigs in a blanket or a menu that not only impresses by its’ display and beauty, but by its’ taste as well? Whether it is a DJ, a Wedding Planner, or a Photographer, all are using creativity within their chosen specialty as well as in their marketing. It is not a “9-5” job and that appeals to a lot of people.

Being your own Boss. The great things about being your own boss are that you are in charge, you make the rules and you are responsible. Of course, the BAD things about being your own boss are that you are in charge, you make the rules and you are responsible! However, feeling as though you are in control of your own destiny and the challenge of making it work can be thrilling.

Finally….There is an actual need for these services. As you read at the beginning of this article, the industry is ripe for new services and choices. There is job security in the fact that weddings will always happen. While the industry is always evolving, there is room for improvement and unique services.

Not many industries can boast such an incredible growth opportunities.  If you have ever been interested in becoming a wedding planner, starting your own event planning business or just love putting parties together; NOW is the best time to start chasing that dream!

There are many ways you can start, but here are the top 3:

Start from scratch (The school of hard knocks) – Certainly not the easiest and quite honestly, the riskiest because you will be working so hard IN your business it will be hard to market, take care of your clients AND do what it takes to make things happen. You will do A LOT of research, a lot of failing, and struggle to get going; but it can be done!

Take an online course or certification program (The expensive and time-consuming way) – There are all kinds of online courses, seminars and certification programs that will take your money and give you the information THEY think you need to become successful.  The problem with these is that they are really expensive, focus on the planning and decor aspects and not what you need to know to run a business, and they just take time to complete.  In addition, most do not have any follow up support for students.  If I had to choose one of the better ones, it would be the Association of Bridal Consultants educational track.  However, in my 17 years doing events, I have NEVER been asked where I got my training or if I had a certification.  That means nothing to most Brides.  If you choose this method to learn, it is a great option, but don’t expect for everything to fall into place much easier than the first option.

A Licensee Program (a turn-key business opportunity already created for you) -This is what I wanted so badly when I started.  I was looking for a “franchise-of-sorts” where all of the hard work was done and I could just step into my role as a wedding planner.  Unfortunately, it didn’t exist when I started, but it does now

Once my business grew and started thriving, I turned my sights to creating exactly what I wished I could buy so many years ago.  The Blissfully Simple Wedding Planning Business System gives you the option to become an event planner the moment you open the box.  You will be guided through every aspect of starting and running a successful business, all while being taught The BLISS METHOD, my ground-breaking way of planning events.  You get over 100 forms, an operational manual, the marketing tool kit, the Bridal Booking Technique, marketing starter kit, instructional DVD and most importantly – you get support from your fellow Blissfully Simple Planners.  All for a very low one-time fee.  Lower than any course you can take & MUCH lower than re-inventing the wheel on your own.

These are the most popular ways to becoming a wedding planner and NOW is the best time to go for it.  All you need to do is choose what best works for you.  But the most important part is that you stay determined, dedicated, passionate & persistent.  You will have rough times with any of these.  Running a business is not the easiest thing to do.  If it was, everyone would do it.  But here’s the thing…


Never let anyone stop you from chasing your dreams. If you want to plan events, go for it. PERIOD.

DARE to live an extraordinary life!



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